Celebrate Small Wins

We’re all familiar with writing down our concerns or areas of need. However, there is another aspect we often forget to include! What could it be?!


Yes! We forget to talk about this and in my opinion, this is the most important. Who wants to be constantly reminded of only the things they cannot do or haven’t learned? NO ONE. Yup, that’s right, absolutely no one wants to be constantly reminded of that. So, let’s hop right into it. Let’s discuss a solution to this.

Thinking of strengths or positives may be difficult because you’ve focused on the not so good things for some time. Follow these steps and it should help you retrain your thought process to think of good things too!

Take yourself out of “evaluator mode” and take a step back from comparing. Yes, you read that right… STOP COMPARING. Acknowledge what your child, loved one, parent, family member can do right now that doesn’t require any help or assistance. It can be as simple as maintaining attention. Or maybe even gesturing to convey a message when they are not able to verbalize it. Or perhaps, take note of things they enjoy (e.g., music, art, playing, etc.).

Last but not least, celebrate the small wins. Small wins, build up to bigger wins! And winning feels good (wink)!

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