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True Voice proudly offers direct services and partnerships with local school districts and learning centers.

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True Voice recognizes the needs of our clients and works with you to fill the gaps for communication through highly sought after speech therapy and consulting services.

We understand the importance of delivering quality and effective services to all members of the community.



Speech Therapy Assessment

Following your consultation, an evaluation may be recommended. The purpose is to determine communication strengths and areas for growth.


Action Plan

Our specialty is providing you with a blueprint of the next steps, which can include: therapy, home program(s), and/or advocacy services).



Following an evaluation, therapy may be recommended in-person or through teletherapy on a HIPAA compliant platform.

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Voyage Houston

Hi Araine, we’d love for you to start by introducing yourself.
From a very young age, I always knew I was different, and I knew I was destined for a bigger purpose. I’ve always had an unction that I would be a creator, innovator, and educator. That feeling paired with my supportive family and teachers helped mold me into the person and professional I am today. When I look back, there were several subtle and monumental events that took place, which led me on the path to creating True Voice, LLC. Read More


Voyage Houston

Araine has over 13 years of experience and currently holds her ASHA CCC’s and Texas State License in Speech Pathology. Araine is an innovator by nature and is thrilled to help families with their journey during a difficult time. As a practicing clinician, she understands that everyone benefits from positivity and opportunity. Her passion stems from working with children in early intervention programs, teenagers, adults and the geriatric population. Read More

Pillars of Empowerment (NSU Perspectives Magazine)

During the pandemic, many small business owners faced numerous challenges to remain open and survive financially. Several Black women business owners knew these challenges before 2020. Four Black speech- language pathologists, who are alumnae of the Dr. Pallavi Patel College of Health Care Sciences, shared their perspectives and advice about business ownership, success, and community-driven businesses. “I am passionate about guiding families, educating them, and equipping them with the tools they need to positively shift their mindset and achieve success.” Read More