3rd Grade (male)

Per parent email: 

Hi, I just wanted to let you know about a breakthrough moment for our family last night. Max was asking me what words had “er” in them. I didn’t know why he was asking, but I threw out a few words. (Unfortunately the first word I said was “error” — lol, even people without speech problems get tripped up on that one.) He knelt down to pet our dog “Piper” and he said her name correctly, and the whole family exploded in cheers and congratulations! Then we asked him to say “Piper Hergesell” and it was so awesome. We were so happy for his progress and he was so proud. It was a great moment, and filled me with hope that he can do this! Thanks for all of your work with him!

Janine H.

1st Grade (male)

Araine McWhinney has been such a pillar in my son’s educational success. She is wonderful with making a connection, and building a relationship with her students. My son always feels loved and challenged while having a fun time working really hard! My husband and I appreciate that Araine thinks outside the box, instructs with a variety of approaches and techniques to keep my son engaged. She also incorporates instruction outside of the textbook to increase his conversational fluidity. Araine has been pivotal, not only in my son’s speech improvement, but also in increasing his confidence amongst peers. We could not thank her enough for being a part of my son’s speech development.

Laura C.


This is one of the best if not the best therapist I have ever seen in more than 20 years of teaching . I personally witnessed her inspire a mute child to become a public speaker. When she started the scholar would could not speak. When she finished the year, not only was she speaking publicly but she was reading proficiently and reading in public. She is very gentle with children and infinitely patient. She dismisses any fears that parents may have she is open and available to any questions that the parents or children may have. It is my recommendation that if you want the best for your CHILD SHE IS THE ONE.

Vera H.


Your book was truly helpful. I like the larger print and that there was space to write in it. Thank you!

Jodd J. 
Son and Caregiver

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